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  • Homeschool Resources to Teach Reading and Writing
    Teach a child to read and write to open up the doors to learning. Get answers to your teaching questions, and turn your child's learning struggles into success with this comprehensive list of useful articles. Get the results you are looking for while teaching your homeschooler.
  • Literature Resources for Your Homeschooling Curriculum
    Look at how homeschooling with a literature-based curriculum can excite your child's imagination and open the doors to understanding the world around him. Let him get carried away on new adventures and still learn more and more every day.
  • Internet Resources that Teach Homeschoolers How to Write
    There are tons of free or inexpensive resources online to make homeschooling your child easier. Check out these websites that can help your child learn to write; from the primary grades to high school, you'll find the Internet is a wealth of resources.
  • Finding Cheap Homeschool Textbooks
    Get connected and learn where to go for free or cheap textbooks for homeschoolers and the basics in materials you will need throughout your year. Stop buying your homeschool books at retail prices!
  • A Guide to the Best Homeschool Spanish Curriculum
    Determining what math curriculum or what English curriculum to use is challenging enough, but when you throw a foreign language into the mix - one that you may or may not be familiar with - choosing curriculum can become even more complicated. What is the best Spanish homeschool curriculum?
  • Reap the Benefits of a Foreign Language Course Added to Your Homeschool Curriculum
    There are so many reasons to add foreign language study to your student's lessons. Improved SAT scores are just one. Learn about the language requirements for homeschoolers and where to find great curriculum. It's never too early, or too late to begin.
  • Providing Your Homeschooler With a Computer-Based Christian Curriculum
    Technology and computers enhance learning when they come alongside homeschooling parents as teaching tools. Many Christian homeschoolers educate their children at home because of their religious beliefs, and use a Christian computer-based homeschool curriculum for a well-rounded education on the go.
  • A Selection of the Best Homeschooling iPad Apps
    There are thousands of educational apps on the iPad that can make teaching a little easier for you and much more interesting for your kids. Using an iPad is a great way to fill caps in your regular homeschool curriculum.
  • Two Dozen Places to Get History Lessons and Programs for Homeschoolers
    What was Thomas Edison's mother like? Who invented the computer chip? When and where did the most destructive tornado take place? If your homeschooler doesn't know the answer to these questions, it's time to begin your discovery by exploring the best places to get history lessons and programs.
  • Home School Used Curriculum Exchange Greatly Reduces the Cost of Learning Materials
    Are you looking for inexpensive or even free home school materials? Then you've arrived at the right destination. Home school used curriculum exchange programs can greatly reduce the cost of learning materials. Several educators online are trading and selling their used curriculum. Get yours today.
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