High School History Lesson Plans, Grades 9-12

Is it a coincidence that history rhymes with mystery? Many struggling history students, especially those with standardized exams looming in their future, would say it is definitely not! The history lesson plans found here will help your students understand not just the dates and the names, but the impact that long-ago events had on life as we know it today. Interactive lesson plan ideas and modern-day parallels help keep your ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students engaged and interested in learning about historical facts and figures.

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  • Hamilton! Soothing and Instigating: Political Personalities
    The engaging musical Hamilton! gives audiences new perspective on significant historical figures. This lesson plan allows students to examine the songs performed and make determinations about political personalities from the past.
  • Fostering Research Skills through Song Lyrics
    With the Hamilton! craze sweeping the country, a fun way to begin practicing research skills is to use the song lyrics, many of which reference actual historical events, as an introductory way for students to practice quote support.
  • Hamilton! Dueling Comparisons
    The musical that is sweeping the nation, Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton! is an explosive mix of history and music, politics and rap, duels and duets.Teach students about history and writing by comparing the three duels featured in the musical.
  • AP History Review
    A fun and engaging way to provide extra review and support for AP exams. This looks at A.P. United States History from a topical breakdown!
  • "The Times that Try Men’s Souls": Teaching Thomas Paine’s The Crisis
    Give your students an introduction into the political analysis of Thomas Paine. This lesson covers "The Crisis" and includes a downloadable power point and worksheet.
  • Colonists and Common Sense: Teaching Thomas Paine
    This lesson on Thomas Paine has student learn important vocabulary from "Common Sense" and then write an essay on why the colonists should revolt against the British.
  • The Four Freedoms: A Global Perspective
    Give your students a global perspective on the state of freedom in the world today. How many countries offer their citizens freedom from fear and want, while allow freedom of speech and worship?
  • Roosevelt, Rockwell, and The Four Freedoms
    Immerse your high school students into history by having them read Roosevelt's 1941 State of the Union Address and then become modern-day Rockwells.
  • Civil Rights in the 1960s - Key Events and Philosophies
    During the 1960s, America's issues with the treatment of its African-American citizens built to a crescendo. Splits in the movement occurred.
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