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  • The Vietnam War: A Basic Outline and Look Back
    The complicated Vietnam War took place in Indochina. It was the first war America televised and the first war America lost. Hotly disputed, it created homeland protests and clashes in Washington D.C. Learn more on the history of the Vietnam War and America’s (and other countries’) involvement.
  • New Mysteries in King Tut’s Tomb?
    Did thieves attempt to rob King Tut's tomb? If so, what frightened them away? Is there an ancient curse involved? Can these and other puzzles about the young pharaoh's grave be solved?
  • The Trojan War and the Symbol of the Trojan Horse
    Ancient Romans and Greeks used mythology (a combination of folklore, history and customs) as a way to deal with life. The gods and goddesses, monsters, battles and warriors in stories such as The Trojan Horse helped illustrate the pitfalls of character flaws and challenges against historical events.
  • Georgia O’Keeffe: A Painter’s Legacy
    Georgia O’Keeffe was an extraordinary painter. She became celebrity-style famous for her paintings of skulls in the desert – not teacups and bowls of fruit, but skulls.
  • Justitia: The Symbol of Law, Her History and Her Meaning
    Law stories are about people on edge. Laws are a mirror, holding up images of societal change to its face.
  • The Ottoman Empire: The Times, Rulers and Politics
    There is no longer an Ottoman Empire. No one today speaks their language and there are no classics or poetry indicative of the age. For six hundred years, the Ottoman Empire expanded and declined. Who were these people and what became of them?
  • Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader and one of America's greatest orators. With his voice and spirit, he led African-Americans through the oppression of old-fashioned Jim Crow America toward a new age of freedom and equality for his people. His life was not without controversy, however.
  • Patriotism: Who is Uncle Sam?
    You've seen the stern-looking, white-bearded man on posters, t-shirts and other Americana, but do you really know who Uncle Sam is or how this character came to be? Learn the origin of this unique national symbol.
  • The History of Columbus Day
    Wondering what Columbus Day is all about and whether Christopher Columbus actually discovered America? Learn the history of this famous explorer including where he traveled and what occurred before and after his excursion.
  • Will Rogers: American Icon and Humorist
    Just because the early 1900s was a simpler time—without technology or an especially fast-paced life—does not mean that the people weren’t capable of being brilliant. Will Rogers is a prime example of that.
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