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History can be a challenging subject to study. In addition to the memorization of dates, names and other facts, an understanding of cause and effect is required and parallels must often be drawn to both historical and modern-day events. It can be confusing for students who do not have a passion for long-ago moments in time. We can help.

Bright Hub Education has compiled a large resource of history fact sheets, study guides and other homework help, written and reviewed by teachers and educators, as well as those who pursued history in college or in their careers. These authors try to help you sort out the details of historical events beyond dates and times in order to make your history assignments just a little bit easier.

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  • Marchesa Luisa Casati: Goddess and Muse
    It is said that her image has been reproduced so many times that Casati is just as recognizable as Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Cleopatra. You may have seen her depictions and not known it. who was this woman and how did she come to hold such a place in history? Why is she not better known?
  • Pocahontas: A Divided Life and the Myth
    The story of Pocahontas has been told to generations of schoolchildren who tell the same story to their own children. Unfortunately, new facts bear out that the story that has been told—even Disney-fied with the movie—is a “cultural myth." Learn about the real life of the storied princess.
  • What is Art Nouveau?
    Art Nouveau ushered in a new artistic climate, a world-weariness that produced a new sophistication in literature and fashion against a whole new set of artistic, moral and social concerns. A radical departure from what went before.
  • Looting Art: The Nazi's Treasure Takeover
    During World War II, Hitler instituted a practice of seizing fine works of art from every territory under occupation. Learn about this takeover and what became of the stolen treasures.
  • Anime and Manga: Animation Explored
    It sounds exotic, but anime is just a shortened version of the Japanese word for animation. Don’t call them cartoons, though! Manga translates to “whimsical pictorial" and has been around since the early 1950s, although it originated in 1917. Learn about the history of this art form.
  • Joan Miró: Magical Creatures in Art
    Joan Miró created fantastical drawings and paintings that mirrored creative concepts in his head. Learn about the life and influences that made this unique artist who he was.
  • The History of Fortune Telling
    Fortune telling as a trade has a heritage longer than any written records show. Hundreds of methods of forecasting have been used and discarded over the centuries. Reading the future from the entrails of a killed animal is rare these days. However, other forms remain.
  • Who was Remarkable Thomas Harriot?
    Thomas Harriot was just a whisper in history books. His curiosity pulled him into science and he accomplished some incredible things, and was a pioneer in several areas of science and mathematics. Why have we never heard about Thomas Harriot and his remarkable life?
  • Dangerous Adventure, Brave Pioneering Women: Gertrude Bell and Mary Kingsley
    For explorers, curiosity is always an unmet need. Most explorers make exploration their life’s work. Learn about two courageous women of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
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