Tips for Effectively Teaching High School Students   (page: 3 of 8)

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  • Lost at the Beach: High School Activity to Teach Teamwork Skills
    Being able to work as a team member is important in sport, at school and in the workplace. Those who cannot work in teams often struggle to find and keep work. This simple teamwork game helps teach teamwork skills to high school students and is ideal for building cooperation and class cohesiveness.
  • Economics Education Software Programs for Grades 9-12
    There are some excellent economics software programs for grades 9-12 that will make economics come alive for your students. Your favorite can be incorporated into the class schedule as an educational resource to strengthen the core concepts that are part of your curriculum.
  • Activities to Teach Students About Poverty
    Young people have often heard the word “poverty,” but they do not really understand what it means. School activities can give them a better understanding about poverty in the United States and other countries. Teachers can do reading, writing or group activities to teach about poverty.
  • Ideas for Student Volunteer Projects
    Students benefit greatly from community involvement, not to mention it looks great on a college applications! Encourage your class to get active in their community with these tips.
  • Create a Share Library for Your Classroom
    Students of all ages will benefit from a share library in the classroom. Help students do extra reading by bringing in books. Don't be afraid to ask for book donations.
  • How to Utilize Socratic Seminar in Your Classroom
    Conducting a Socratic dialogue, also known as a Socratic seminar or Socratic circle, is an effective methodology that involves all students in a classroom discussion. Teacher and students analyze, question, and discover the comprehension levels of a text in a true learner-centered environment.
  • Remedial Reading Lessons: Options For High School
    Would you like reading to be an adventure for your students instead of a chore? In this article, we share exciting new teaching approaches coupled with great standard techniques. Learn about some free remedial reading lessons for high school students.
  • Eight Reading Activities for Eighth Grade Students: Improve Comprehension
    In need of a few ideas to spice up your reading lesson plans? These eighth grade reading activities will do just that. Kiss the worksheet copies goodbye. Have some fun in your classroom by incorporating any of the following reading activities.
  • Tips to Help Shy Students
    Some students need a little nudge to get more involved in school activities and make new friends. This article provides some ideas to help teachers motivate shy students to participate more and socialize more readily.
  • Teaching Teenagers Diagnosed With Dyslexia
    By the time they reach secondary school, teachers often have an expectation that all their students are competent at reading and writing in English. For some students, this is not the case. Learn about teaching students with dyslexia and how to effectively identify and manage these young people.
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