Tips for Effectively Teaching High School Students   (page: 2 of 8)

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  • Help Students Avoid Procrastination with College Applications
    Some students get stuck in the middle of the college application process because they are overwhelmed by the paperwork. Other students are so anxious they cannot even begin the applications. This articles provides helpful tips to get students to take action and finalize their college applications.
  • Review of Digital Frog Software
    Frog dissection is not a pleasant activity for some individuals. In addition, budget cuts are forcing school districts to make hard choices. In this science software review, Digital Frog dissection software will be reviewed. This software offers user virtual dissection in lieu of the real thing.
  • Help Students Get Organized as School Year Begins
    Help high school students get focused and ready to achieve as the new school year starts. Go over these guidelines with your students at the beginning of the year to help them enhance their learning and manage their time effectively.
  • Inspire Students With Literature-Based Teaching Strategies
    It's quite possible your students enjoy reading and just hate doing reading assignments that have little value. Increase the amount of each student's average participating by whetting their enthusiasm.
  • Seven Steps to Goal Setting for Students
    Most students don't set goals because they don't know how. You can be the hero by teaching them a simple goal-setting system that will provide lifelong returns.
  • Four Effective Ways to Use the iPad to Study U.S. Government
    In this article you will find creative ideas for using the iPad in a high school government course. Ideas include apps that help students learn political information and games, along with a detailed sample lesson on political parties using the iPad.
  • Managing a High School Yearbook Staff: Photographers
    For high school yearbook advisers and journalism teachers: learn how to teach and manage photography students. Managing a high school yearbook staff can be a full-time job in and of itself; show your students the basics of photography and manage your equipment and their time with ease.
  • Choosing a Novel for the High School Classroom: The Bean Trees
    Barbara Kingsolver's novel, although entertaining, may not be suitable for high school aged students.
  • Have You Tried Using Wikis in Your Classroom?
    To fully understand the educational uses of a wiki, it is important to understand the risks and benefits of the software. Also find out about the best situations to use wikis in the classroom.
  • What Makes a Good English Teacher? Characteristics for Success
    Sadly, it is true that some teachers are loved and/or admired while others are reviled. To get to the heart of the matter, it comes down to implementing good strategies and a caring attitude.
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