The Arts in High School

The average public high school art program varies depending on the school and, inceasingly, the school’s budget. And, while there are a handful of publicly-funded schools with a strong performing arts curriculum, you are more likely to find a concentrated focus on these areas of study within the private high school setting. Typically, arts programs available in most public high schools will focus on visual arts such as painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture, and music such as orchestra, jazz band, music theory, performance, and choral singing. Some public and private schools may also offer theatre or drama courses, including regular theatrical performances, as well as dance. Whether you teach the Arts as a primary or secondary subject, you will find these lesson plans and teaching ideas written by fellow teachers of interest.

High School Art Lesson: Making Gargoyles Out of Clay

The word gargoyle comes from the Latin word ‘gurgulio’, not only meaning “throat” but also describing the “gurgling” sound made by water as it ran through the figure. This lesson plan will teach students basic clay hand-building techniques, art history, & vocabulary when making a gargoyle figure.