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  • History of the Globe Theater
    A theater with an interesting history and a place where some of the William Shakespeare's best stage works were produced - naturally, we are referring to the Globe Theater. Find out more about the Globe Theater history.
  • Ancient Art of Native Americans: Lesson & Project
    This lesson plan on ancient Native American art will have students explore the meaning behind the art. Learning the who, what, when, where, why and how behind ancient artwork enables the students to fully understand the culture and time.
  • Showing Students the Techniques of Pointillism
    This pointillism art lesson plan is designed to help teachers instruct students on the methods and history of pointillism and provide students with an opportunity to produce their own artwork using this technique.
  • Creating a Systematic Art Thematic Unit Plan On Perspective Drawing
    This art thematic unit plan has an introductory lesson on perspective drawing using 1 vanishing point. Students will enjoy practicing the concept in a practice lesson using their initials and when drawing a bedroom scene. Students will then design a realistic street scape using 2 vanishing points.
  • 3D Photographs for High School Art Lesson Plans
    Students will find this 3D art lesson plan uplifting! Encourage their creativity and teach them new and exciting art and photography techniques.
  • Landscape Drawing Terminology for High School Students
    Before you get started with the drawing, teach your students important terminology to help them gain an understanding of the elements of perspective, horizon line, and vanishing point.
  • Abstract Art Lessons
    These abstract art lesson plans serve to inspire students to appreciate and enjoy abstract art. This lesson emphasizes the lack of subject matter in abstract art and includes representative pieces by Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock.
  • 20th Century Art Lesson Ideas
    Learning about 20th Century art can be a fun and expressive experience for your art students. This lesson plan teaches various 20th Century art movements through the use of representative artists as an inspiration for student creativity.
  • Ideas for Studying Impressionists in Art
    These art lesson plans on impressionists will help students understand how this style of art developed as well as who the key players were. Challenging the students to look at how the artists crafted their work, as well as the history in play at the time will enable the students to understand.
  • Functional Japanese Garden Lanterns: A Clay Lesson for High School Art Classes
    Students will design a functional Japanese garden lantern out of clay which will reflect a particular mood of choice. Your students will love this Zen style of art!
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