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  • Loving Latin American Art With High School Projects: Four Ideas
    These four high school art projects will help your class learn about the art and culture of Latin America. Craft papel picado, traditional carving designs, mola designs or use traditional patterns to decorate terracotta pots will give a spicy touch to your classes.
  • Outside the Box: 3 Art Projects for High School Students
    High school students love to experiment. If teachers giving them opportunities to think outside the box with high school art projects that challenge their critical thinking, as well as their artistic abilities, they provide the students with a means to discover their talents.
  • Pop Art Mural Painting on a Park Bench
    This is not only a wall mural but a mural painting on a park bench using pop art. Outdoor murals are fun to create. This art lesson will show how to paint a mural on public places, both unexpected and popular.
  • Giving Your Students a Systematic Art Thematic Unit Plan on Two-Point-Perspective Drawing
    You've shown how to draw using single point perspective; now you can take the lesson further with this two-point-perspective drawing lesson. Students will enjoy creating a streetscape with towers and buildings leading the eye to the vanishing points. It's the second part of a thematic art unit plan.
  • Making Arthropods out of Clay – Arthropod Lesson Plans
    This science and art lesson on arthropods uses the pinch pot method of clay making to teach the 3 basic parts of arthropods. The phylum of arthropods is a huge class of invertebrates that students will have fun creating in clay. Science made fun through art is the goal of this lesson plan.
  • Gourds Crafts for Decorative Gourds - An art lesson plan
    Creating gourd crafts by etching gourds is an alternative to pumpkin carving. Gourds act as a unique canvas to etch a design. Students will enjoy creating a pattern, learning about Native American and African art, and creating sculptures from nature. This is fun lesson to create decorative gourds.
  • Using Microsoft Publisher to Create a Newsletter: A High School Photography Lesson Plan
    In this photography lesson plan, high school students search for information about photography and art history to inspire their own work. The students will be using Microsoft Publisher to create a newsletter project.
  • Anime Lessons: An Introduction to Anime Drawing
    Want to teach simple and easy anime lessons? These short art lessons will show how to teach this style of drawing to students who want to learn how to create their own anime characters.
  • A 3-Dimensional Art Lesson Plan for Clay
    A fun lesson plan where students utilize prior knowledge of hand-building & glazing techniques in order to build a detailed 3-dimensional fish out of clay.
  • Create a Zine as a Class Project
    Let your students' creativity blossom. Work together as a class to create a zine full of poems, stories, songs, art, and photographs. First you have to find out what a zine is.
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