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  • Writing about Similarities and Differences in an Essay
    One of the most common essays you will write is the compare and contrast essay. Follow these steps and see how much better your grade is when compared to others.
  • Not Just Another Book Report: 10 Creative & Fun Ideas
    Throughout school you will write countless book reports for language arts and other classes. What you may not realize is that teachers can become as bored as their students reading the same type of report over and over again. Impress your teachers and have more fun writing with these unique ideas.
  • Writing an Essay for a History Class
    All students will take at least one history class in middle school, high school, and college. These classes will most likely require students to write essays, either on tests, as separate assignments, or both. Read the following tips if you are asking yourself how to write a history essay.
  • Getting Technical With Technical Writing
    Tired of writing poetry? Want to know how to write something useful? This description of technical writing with examples will help you do just that.
  • How to Use Images From the Internet
    Pictures are a great way to improve your research paper, presentation, or other assignment. You can find amazing ones on the Internet—but how do you give credit for them?
  • Tips for Polishing Your Academic Paper: The Final Draft
    In this article, you will learn how to take your edited rough draft and polish it for the last time before you turn it in for a grade. You’re going to learn how to structure paragraphs, some tips on tone, and why it’s important to keep your work in active voice.
  • Top Ten Tips on Motivating Yourself to Write
    Motivating yourself to write constantly is a necessary thing for most writers and authors, but is probably even harder to do than actually writing. If you really want to learn how to motivate yourself to write, then these top ten tips are for you.
  • Creating a Thesis Statement for A Tale of Two Cities
    Charles Dickens’ "A Tale of Two Cities" is rich with opportunities to write an interesting and effective thesis statement. We'll not only talk about ideas for creating a good thesis, but also spur ideas from this classic novel.
  • The Basics of Writing in MLA Style
    Get to know the basics of this common writing style used for many high school and college papers and essays. This breakdown of the MLA style gives a quick-and-easy overview of the formatting, citation, and bibliography set-up you'll need for your assignment.
  • Quick Essay Reference Page Tips
    Here is a quick guide to making a reference page in either APA, MLA or Chicago style.
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