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  • The Formation of the Colorado River
    Are you wondering how the Colorado River was formed? Find out more about one of the continent's most important rivers by reading this article.
  • Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Terms
    Here is an Earth science vocabulary list of key terms and concepts for learning about plate tectonics. We know more about the critical role that plate tectonics played in shaping of our planet. So understanding the terminology will help you be a better earth science student.
  • Fast Facts About the Amazon River
    The Amazon River is the largest river in the world, but where does the Amazon River begin?
  • What is the Longest River in the World?
    The longest river in the world is the Nile River in Africa. Learn more about the geographical features, history, and importance of this record breaking river.
  • Similarities Between the Amazon, Nile, and Mississippi Rivers
    Three large river systems from entirely different climate regions. Wondering how the Amazon, Nile, and Mississippi Rivers are alike? Here are interesting commonalities between these three giant rivers.
  • The Atlantic Ocean: Its Depth, History, and Other Facts
    Learn how deep the Atlantic ocean is and how it's depth is measured. The Atlantic is the second largest ocean in the world, following the Pacific. Learn other interesting facts about this enormous body of water.
  • The Cold Truth About Glaciers
    Presently occupying 10 percent of the Earth’s land mass, glaciers are, themselves, areas of thick land massed made up of layers of compressed snow and ice. But where do glaciers form? And what impact do they have on our environment?
  • The Nile River: Its Mouth and Other Interesting Facts
    The Nile River is located in Egypt in Africa and is thought to be the longest river in the world. How long is it? Where does the Nile River end? What's at its mouth?
  • Niagara Falls: Great Freeze or Great Hoax?
    One of the most popular tourist spots in North America is the Niagara Falls area, with millions of people flocking to the natural wonders every year. But is there truth to the story that Niagara Falls once experienced a great freeze?
  • A Brief Overview of the Savanna Biomes
    Savannas cover a large part of Africa, and are also found in Australia, India and South America. This guide provides a concise outline of the climate and types of savanna biomes, as well as the plants and animals you can expect to find in this important world biome.
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