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  • List of Aquatic and Terrestrial Biomes
    Just what exactly distinguishes one biome from another? Biodiversity and climate are the primary factors in categorizing the various biomes, be they terrestrial or aquatic. Read on to find out more about these distinct ecosystems.
  • The Seven Names of the Continents and More!
    What are the names of the seven continents? These landmass regions from large to small are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia. More about their size, what they are known for, and other characteristics to help you learn about the various lands here on earth.
  • Steps to Make a Landform Island Project
    A landform is a geographic feature on the surface of the Earth. Some examples include mountain or valley. An island is another type of landform. Learn how to make your own model island here!
  • The Varying Temperatures Along the Equator
    Need help determining what factors affect the temperature along the Earth's equator and why? While the temperature is usually stable, it does vary from region to region. Learn more about the factors and regions that influence the equator's temperature in this brief study guide.
  • Definition of Landform Elements in Geography
    Use this glossary of landform definitions as you study geographical and geological features.
  • Landforms: Know Your Vocabulary!
    Time to study for your geography or history test? Need ideas for a story setting? Unsure what to call that earthen structure you spotted in a national park? Use this list of landform vocabulary words to help you with all of your geography and topography needs.
  • Tricks to Memorizing the State Capitals
    Why did Paul stop the car to get Minnie a soda? You'll have to read these tips to find out! If you need help to memorize state capitals you'll find that here, too.
  • World Geography Resources For Ninth Grade
    If you're like me (and let's hope not) then you might be struggling with geography--just where is Timbuktu anyway? Luckily, this list of resources for world geography provides all the crucial information you need to know!
  • Antarctica: A Continent of Extremes
    With a hostile environment, millions of kilometers of ice, and rapidly changing weather, the geography of Antarctica is a fascinating area of study. We'll take a look at some of its characteristics that make it unique.
  • Ancient Egypt and the River Nile
    As one of the most influential countries in the ancient world, Egypt's geography offers a unique glimpse into the rise of one of the world's super powers. Here we will discuss a few important aspects of this major river and how it shaped lives and land division.
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