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Geography is a subject that stumps students and adults alike! If you are struggling to memorize countries and capitals, aren't sure what a plateau versus a mesa or a butte is, are hard pressed to find Hong Kong on the map, and aren't sure whether the Nile or the Amazon is the world's longest river, then you've come to the right place! You'll find study guides and memorization tips to help you with your geography homework, written and edited by teachers, geography college majors, and professional freelance writers.

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  • Rocky Mountains: The Top of the World
    The Rockies shaped North America’s Continental Divide, separating rivers that flow east into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean from rivers that flow west into the Pacific Ocean. Discover more about this line of the highest points in America.
  • A Homemade World Globe With a Pattern and Directions
    The best way to see how the parts of the world are geographically related is to look at a globe, and putting together a little planet Earth of your own is even better. Read on and learn how to make a homemade globe.
  • Do You Know Your State Capitals? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!
    Many state capitals are not familiar cities for younger students. Included in this quick quiz are 15 of the more difficult state capitals to remember. Some of the key issues that confuse students are the sizes and age of the cities that are in question.
  • Five Largest Cities In The Americas: Facts, History And More!
    The modern world is shaped and defined by large cities. Whether they are capital cities, commercial centers or cultural havens, the largest cities in the Americas are all memorable in their own way. You might know about New York and Mexico City, but what about the rest of the Americas?
  • The Amazon River: Facts That Will Amaze You
    How long is the Amazon river? What about its ecology? If you are looking for Amazon River facts, this article has everything you need to learn about one of the most fascinating rivers in the world!
  • The Majestic Mississippi River
    Students will marvel at how Mississippi River facts are intertwined with U.S. history. The river is more than just a body of water. These facts reveal how this body of water helped shape the development of a nation and its people.
  • Fun Geography Games to Help You Remember Facts
    Learning the locations of countries, states, and geographical features doesn't have to be dull. Instead, you can have a lot of fun with this endeavor. By playing fun online and offline geography games, you can build your familiarity while smiling--now doesn't that sound like a great use of time?
  • Students: Learn About the Hudson River With Fun Facts and Trivia
    The Hudson River is one of the national treasures of America. It has been used for many things from trade to transportation to navigation. Explore some uncommon facts about this historical body of water and ponder the importance of it in our present day and age.
  • Countries and Capitals in the Middle East
    If you are seeking a detailed overview of capitals and key statistics of the Middle East countries, you have just found it. Lists of countries and capitals of the Middle East are provided, in alphabetical order.
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