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  • Food in Germany: German Lesson Plan
    Brushing up on your German lessons? Vocabulary about food in Germany has its definite uses for any language student or anyone who is intent on traveling abroad.
  • 4 Basic German Teaching Aids: Online and Off
    Use basic German teaching aids to facilitate an immersion into the foreign language and culture that students need for a well-rounded education. Find out which offline learning tools find their equivalent online.
  • Lesson Plan for German Word List Shapes and Colors
    German teachers can use the following classroom activity to have students practice asking and answering questions about colors and shapes in German. The color and shape vocabulary is also available as a printable download.
  • German Separable Prefix Verbs
    Many common German verbs can take separable prefixes that change the meaning of the verb. This article outlines a lesson plan for teaching first-year German students to use German separable prefix verbs.
  • Berlinerisch: How to Speak Like a Berliner
    Berlinerisch, also referred to as Berlinering or Berlinisch, is pretty much what it sounds like: the dialect of German spoken by Berliners. Any native German can tell a Berliner just by how he talks, including differences in accent, slang, and even grammar.
  • The Use of the Indefinite Article Kein in German Grammar
    In this article, you will learn the use of the indefinite article kein for the negation of sentences in German and view examples to illustrate its use. A declension chart for kein is also included here for use as a reference tool.
  • Quick and Easy Games for Kids in German
    Games for kids in German provide practical applications for the vocabulary and grammar drills that frequently accompany the study of the language. Kids’ games in German include those for the preschool or kindergarten classroom as well as those for the advanced speller and grammarian.
  • Teach Your Kids German Numbers and Directions with these Fun Rhyming and Conversation Activities
    These two classroom activities in German for kids will provide fun and laughter to your students, and they will have no trouble remembering their numbers and directions after this.
  • Teaching Students the German Names of Household Items
    This is an introductory lesson plan designed to help new language learners identify the German names of basic things around the house.
  • Writing and Recognizing the Subjunctive II in German
    If you're learning the German language, read this article and find out how to write and interpret the Subjunctive II mood. See how it works and view examples.
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