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  • Teaching French to Preschoolers - Start with the Basics
    Looking for ideas to teach preschoolers the French language? Well, Bonjour, you've come to the right place. In this lesson plan, we will take a look at what to teach preschoolers who just start to learn French.
  • Exciting French Lesson Plans Using Skype
    There is no better way to capture your students' enthusiasm than through French lesson plans using Skype. Find out why and how this can help boost student proficiency in spoken French and knowledge of vocabulary.
  • Health Vocabulary in French with Worksheets
    Learning about health vocabulary in French is always a popular – and potentially useful – area. This article looks at vocabulary lists, useful phrases and activities to help learn the vocabulary. You can download and print a health vocabulary in French worksheet to help with the role-playing games.
  • Teaching Middle School Students Recipes in French
    When teaching French, these spring activities for grade 7 will help your students learn about culture, food, recipes, currency and traditions.
  • Hugo, Lamartine, and Baudeldaire: Enhance French Studies With French Poetry
    An introduction to French poetry should include some of the great poets of the romantic and symbolist periods of the 19th century. This is a must to enhance French studies with French poetry.
  • French Class: Pointers For Formal Letter Writing
    There are certain basic guidelines in composing a formal letter in French. The style, layout, and closing all are different.
  • Math Vocabulary Words For Bilingual French-English Speakers
    Are you looking to start your student group on numbers and math in French class? Use these math French vocabulary words to help develop student numeracy skills, then use the suggested activities and games to reinforce learning.
  • Fun French Lesson Plans Using Games and Drawings
    Learning any new language can be difficult for students. These fun French lesson plans will help keep them interested and engaged, while teaching new vocabulary and skills in a practical way.
  • Good Subjects When Teaching French Culture Projects
    Your students might not think that culture is the most interesting topic to learn about. So what can you do to keep it fresh and interesting? France has an enormously rich and varied culture, from Molière's plays to political intrigue, so choose a topic that is accessible for your students.
  • The French Subjunctive: What It Is And How To Use It
    The French subjunctive has a reputation for being difficult to learn, but with a few simple rules in mind and a little practice, it's not nearly as daunting as it might appear. This article provides a simple guide to learning the subjunctive, as well as some ideas for a lesson plan.
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