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  • A Collection of French Lesson Plans
    Bienvenue! If you're looking for some useful and inspirational French lessons, then you're in the right place. No matter whether your class is preschool, grade school, or even adult learners, we have plenty of resources for you to add a bit of pizzazz to your lessons in an easy to understand way.
  • Six Games to Play in French Class
    Games are a great way for students to learn or reinforce material in a fun way. Try one of these six games in your classroom.
  • Teach the Importance of Learning to Speak French with this Modeling Competition Activity
    Use role play to have your students take part in a modeling competition to display the various French countries and regions of France. An understanding of the culture leads to a better understanding of the importance of learning to speak French.
  • Five Activities to Teach Beginner French to Kids
    Beginners of French at any age will enjoy learning this new language with any of the children’s beginning French activities mentioned here. Simply adapt them to suit your classroom needs.
  • What Is That Room Called in French?
    Use this French lesson on all the rooms within a house to practice describing things along with adjectives they have already learned. Use extension vocabulary connected to a house such as gardens and trees as a bonus.
  • Teach Students How to Form Commands in French
    Students studying French need to know how to form commands. The lesson includes the formation of the imperative and learning the positive, negative and irregular imperative forms. Teachers will find activities for students on using French commands and ways to evaluate their knowledge.
  • Introduction to French Adjectives: Qualifying Adjectives
    This article introduces the many categories of French adjectives. It also provides detailed explanations and examples about one specific subcategory of adjectives: the qualifying adjective.
  • Make Learning Fun for French Class with Games
    Prepositions are abound in almost any text. These games for the French class involve the use of some of the most common prepositions of location such as à and de, dans, sur, sous, derrière, devant and entre.
  • Learning French: Vocabulary about Love, Adoration, Desire and Hate
    To speak a language well, you need to be able to express your feelings and desires in that language--to say what you love, what you like, what you need. This article will teach you important words and phrases that will equip you to express in French what you love, want and admire.
  • Construction Games for Students to Learn French
    If your French class is ready to start learning more advanced vocabulary, why not try these French construction vocabulary words and games?
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