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  • The Formation and Use of the Progressive Aspect in English
    The progressive aspect is a verb form that expresses incomplete or ongoing actions or states at a specific time. This article explains the formation and use of the progressive aspect of verbs in both the present tense and the past tense in English.
  • An Analysis of Poetic Forms With Examples
    An analysis of poetic forms gives insight to a poem's meaning. These examples of form in poetry with an analysis of poetry form will make you the poetry expert at your next literary gathering. Find couplet examples, terza rima examples, quatrain examples, cinquain examples and many more.
  • Important Literary Terms Made Easy: Prose
    Analyzing a novel or short story is challenging, but a knowledge of basic literary terms and structures can simplify the job. What follows are the most important fiction terms late middle school and early high school students need to know to understand and discuss works of prose.
  • What Are the Types of Sentences?
    The four types of sentences are exclamatory, imperative, interrogative, and declarative sentences. They each have a certain function and end with a specific punctuation mark. This study guide will help you review the difference between the four kinds of sentences.
  • The Functions of Nouns and Noun Phrases in English
    Nouns and noun phrases perform ten main grammatical functions in the English language. The following article lists the ten functions and provides examples to illustrate their use.
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream Summary
    A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of Shakespeare's most enjoyable plays, and appeals to younger audiences. High School English and Drama teachers are well advised to add this comedy to their repertoires. Here is a good way to organize the play for a High School English Class.
  • Make Your Own Advertisement for a School Project
    Creating an entertaining advertisement is a fun way to present a school project. Learn the purpose of advertisements and have fun making your own on a piece of literature or another topic.
  • Important Eighth Grade Literary Terms Made Easy: General Terms
    Often the hardest thing about English classes is understanding all the fancy terms and ‘big words’ teachers and writers use. Here is a list and explanation of the most important general literary terms and definitions students in late middle school and early high school should know.
  • Poetry Terms Made Easy
    Can't understand a thing your poetry teacher says? If you want to succeed in a late junior high or early high school poetry class, here are some poetic terms you'll absolutely need to know.
  • Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes: Unlock the Meaning of Difficult Vocabulary
    Students of the English language will frequently encounter unfamiliar words whose meanings seem difficult to discern. However, memorizing a few key prefixes, roots, and suffixes is the key to unlocking challenging vocabulary!
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