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  • The Use of Periods, Question Marks, and Exclamation Marks in Written English
    Punctuation marks are a convention of written language that increase the ease of reading. Periods, question marks, and exclamation marks are used in seven basic ways in written English. Also included is a printable reference sheet of the rules for periods, question marks, and exclamation marks.
  • Dazzle Billions with Your Knowledge of Hyperbole
    This amazing article will teach you all you need to know about hyperbole! Be prepared to dazzle teachers, friends and acquaintances!
  • The Use of Hyphens in Written English
    Punctuation marks are a convention of written language that help readers and writers more easily read and understand writing. This article explains and provides examples of the seven basic uses of hyphens in the English language. Also included is a downloadable reference sheet.
  • Help For High School Students: Have Fun Building Vocabulary
    Learn some fun ways to build your vocabulary without worksheets or boring drills. Activities involve a computer, the Internet and note cards, and any student can start increasing the amount of words he knows today--no matter what his reading level is.
  • The English Verb System For ESL Students
    The following article presents an overview of the English verb system for ESL students including the two tenses, four aspects, three moods, and two voices of English verbs. The article also contains verb charts that visually organize the formation of the English verb forms.
  • All About English Verb Conjugation: A Guide
    This English verb conjugation guide summarizes the information available on Bright Hub Education all about the conjugation of verbs in the English language including tense, aspect, voice, mood, and participles. The article also includes links to more in-depth articles on verbs in English grammar.
  • The Internal Structure of Adverb Phrases in English
    Adverbs are traditionally defined as words that "describe verbs, adjectives, other adverbs, and sentences." This article identifies the one grammatical form—adverb phrases—that can modify adverbs as well as the rules for forming comparative and superlative adverbs in English.
  • How to Learn Punctuation: Self Study Guide for English Punctuation
    Punctuation is a convention that helps clarify writing for readers and writers. Learning to understand English punctuation is essential for competent writers to become great writers. Students can use this self study guide for English punctuation to master the punctuation marks of written English.
  • All About English Punctuation: A Guide
    This punctuation guide summarizes the information available on Bright Hub Education on the use of punctuation marks in written English and includes links to more in-depth articles.
  • Evaluation of the American Heritage, Longman, and Free Dictionaries
    Here we review some online dictionaries with less immediate name recognition than the Oxford English Dictionaries or the Webster Dictionaries. You will find that The American Heritage and other online dictionaries do have special features that make them valuable resources for the savvy researcher.
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