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  • 3 Fall Symbols Kids Can Craft
    As the weather cools down, you will see symbols that show this new season. These objects signal the beginning of a new season: fall, also known as autumn. Bring out the art materials and challenge your children to create some of the symbolic sights they see this time of year.
  • 10 Back to School Creative Writing Prompts
    Writing prompts are great ways to get your students' creative juices flowing. Start out the year on the right foot with a creative writing assignment on the summer. This is a great way to reminisce and get student's minds in gear for the coming year.
  • Back To School Art Projects: Fresh Ideas for Elementary and Middle School Classrooms
    Getting students back into the groove following summer break can be challenging. These enjoyable art projects can improve their attitudes, help them focus and even get your classroom more organized.
  • Art Activities for Flag Day
    Teach your elementary students about Flag Day with some entertaining, patriotic art activities. Kids enjoy coloring flags, crafting hats, and designing a bulletin board for the June 14 holiday.
  • Score Goals With These World Cup Soccer Classroom Activities
    What can your students learn from soccer? The World Cup is a major sports event that provides a great opportunity to teach children about history and culture--plus a great sport. These classroom activities focus on geography, language arts, math, art and physical fitness.
  • Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas to Make in Art
    Part One of a series, this article covers projects 1-4 of easy art projects for Father's Day gifts. These arts and crafts projects are ideal for grades 4-8, but can be modified for younger grades. Materials, procedures, hints and tips are given to create these unique gifts of art.
  • Father's Day Art Gifts: Projects 5-10
    Father's Day is just around the corner! Celebrate Dad with these thoughtful arts and crafts projects. Here are ideas 5-10 of our top 10 Father's Day gift idea list. These are all easy art projects for use with students of grades 2 to 8.
  • Three End of the School Year Activities for Older Elementary Students
    Wondering how to use up all that extra class time during June? Try some of these end of the school year ideas. They're educational, fun and cause kids to think back on the school year that is coming to an end.
  • Bath Salts: Easy Homemade Mother's Day Gift
    Here is a fun little project that's good anytime of the year, and makes the perfect little gift for someone special. This is a great craft to complete with your elementary class to give as gifts for Mother's Day.
  • A Great Scratch Art Project for Spring
    Students will create striking scratch art pictures from simple flower drawings in this art project for spring. Using pens and silver backed paper, students will enjoy creating beautiful art that can become a lovely Mother's Day gift.
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