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  • The True Meaning of Valentine's Day
    In the midst of all of the balloon-giving, candy, and hearts, it might be easy to forget how Valentine’s Day started. It is good to examine the history of Valentine’s Day so that kids can understand where it came from, and how it has influenced our culture.
  • Cool Digital Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids
    Kids can have fun celebrating Valentine's Day with their friends by sending digital Valentine's or engaging in other creative projects. Here are some ideas.
  • Elementary Social Studies: Creating a Timeline on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Teach your class about the progression of civil rights in America by having them create a timeline on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is an excellent hands-on activity for students as a walk through the history of civil rights in the United States.
  • Start the Day With an Amazing Morning Routine Using Your Interactive White Board
    Many teachers have an interactive white board, but don't know quite how to use it successfully in the classroom. Here are some suggestions to start off your morning using interactive activities with your white board.
  • Let's Give Thanks! A First Thanksgiving WebQuest For Grades Pre-K Through 5
    The first Thanksgiving in America is well known, but it is also associated with the Harvest Festivals in the UK and the Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October. There are tasks to enhance the learning of the primary grades in this First Thanksgiving WebQuest.
  • The World of Thanksgiving: Lesson Plans, Games & Activities
    Gobble, gobble, gobble! As Thanksgiving approaches, you can use this guide to select lessons and activities for use in the classroom and at home. Here, educators and parents will find something for every age and ability level.
  • Raid the Vegetable Crisper to Make Four Interesting Art Projects
    Not only are vegetables good for nutrition but they can also become tools used to design interesting art projects. Introduce your budding artists to a new way of creating art. As an added bonus, young children will be learning about the vegetables they use. Here are four activities to try.
  • Countdown to Halloween: 3 Craft Ideas for Your Little Goblins
    Delight your students with the most “boo"tiful season ever using this array of crafts to make in the classroom. Take the iconic symbols of Halloween and create art projects that are sure to please the children as they wait so impatiently for October 31.
  • Math Game to Enrich Teaching: Create a Math Board Game
    Children will likely choose to participate and enjoy playing a game that helps them with learning. This creates a positive attitude, which is essential to learning. Games provide opportunities for students to reduce the fear of failure and error, as well.
  • Using Math Games in Elementary Grades
    There are numerous resources available to make learning math successfully more fun. Children in our technological society will embrace using the internet to encourage math practice as well as mastering new concepts.
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