A Balloon Bird Nest Craft for Nature or Easter Theme

This is a great bird nest craft for young, elementary aged children. It is a perfect project to celebrate the beginning of spring or can be modified for a fun nature or Easter theme idea for the classroom.


  • A balloon partially inflated (how large you inflate will determine how large of a nest you make)
  • Yarn (browns, tans, beige), twine or raffia
  • Scissors
  • White liquid glue (Elmers) or liquid starch


  1. Cut the yarn into 3-5 inch strands. You will need about 25 strands.
  2. Place the balloon in a bowl slightly smaller in size. Put the balloon, tied end up. (If you build your nest on the tied end, when it is done you can hang it to dry.) Using a bowl is not necessary but will keep balloon in place.
  3. Pour some glue into a dish or on a plate.
  4. Have children dip a strand of yarn into the glue and place it on the balloon.
  5. Repeat and keep working on the top and sides of the balloon.
  6. Keep covering the balloon with glue dipped yarn, overlapping and criss-crossing over the previous layer. You will only go part way down the balloon. This will get very messy, you may want to lay wax paper (for non-stick) or newspapeer down underneath the work area.

Let the nest dry for at least 24 hours. You can hang it to dry by clipping it to a wire hanger, or leaving it nest side up in a bowl. Once it is completely dry, pop the balloon and throw it away.

Fill the bird nest with eggs, treats, or little toy animals or birds.

Other Ideas

  • Use pastel colored yarn for an Easter themed nest.
  • Collect leaves, some twigs, and grass from outdoors and stick to nest in between layers of yarn or twine for a more natural looking bird nest.
  • When the nest is dry, weave more string, ribbons, scraps of fabric, and tufts of colored wool into the open spaces like a bird would.
  • Using plastic Easter eggs, children can recycle strips of newspaper for paper mache eggs to put in the nests.
  • If you don't have balloons, you can cover a small bowl with plastic wrap. Turn the bowl upside down and create your nest. When nest is completely dry, carefully pull away from plastic wrap.
  • Create a nest using shredded paper instead of yarn.
  • Glue or weave natural or colored feathers into nest.

Some bird nest filler ideas: Easter candy (perfect for Peeps marshmallow chicks, chocolate foil eggs or blue malt candy eggs), eggs made from: pom poms, plastic eggs, felted wool eggs, wooden eggs, stuffed animal birds, birds made from pom poms & googly eyes, felted birds.

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