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  • AltSchool: The Return of the One-Room Schoolhouse
    Max Ventilla believes education has changed very little since 1900. You wouldn't want a car built back then. Why will you accept an education that was? But who is Max Ventilla and why should you care what he thinks? Learn about a brand new way to educate your kids.
  • Tech in the Classroom: The 1:X Initiative
    Education is changing. Rather than banning smartphones from the classroom and adhering to century-old methods, modern teachers are embracing new tools and techniques. One such movement is the 1:X (One to Many) Initiative being tested in the Lewisville Independent School District in Texas.
  • Will Future Education Majors Be Able to Find a Job?
    On one side, people keep talking about all the teacher shortages across the country but on the other, education majors are lamenting that there aren't enough jobs to go around. Which group is right?
  • You Get What You Pay For: A Teacher's Opinion of the State of Education
    What's one easy way to improve the quality of education? That's easy: pay teacher's more. Higher salaries will attract more quality applicants to the job pool.
  • Why Some States Have Not Adopted the Common Core
    Ensuring that every child receives the tools needed to succeed in college and a career is the goal of the national Common Core State Standards Initiative. However, not every state is on board with this plan arguing that streamlining the educational process does not work for everyone.
  • The Benefits of Flex Learning Programs for Students
    There are a lot of new initiatives taking place in the world of education, both nationally and internationally. One of the newest concepts gaining ground are flex schools. These are blended learning programs that allow students to complete some of their education online.
  • A Teacher's Opinion of the Common Core: Will it Work?
    As the vast majority of states are making the transition into the Common Core Standards, educators may be questioning this transition, or even skeptical of it after having weathered the implications of high stakes testing under No Child Left Behind. Is the CCSS the solution?
  • The Charter School Conundrum: Following the Sage Advice of the Cheshire Cat
    Education, like every other industry is constantly changing. The field of education as a whole is at an interesting point as charter schools are popping up all over the country. Although access to the schools is competitive, are they really as beneficial as some claim?
  • The Financial Makeup of a Charter School
    The nation's public school system is in financial distress. Cost-per-pupil spending is down, class sizes are up and educational programs are being eliminated. Many communities that struggle with these changes have turned to charter schools for answers. But are they hurting or helping?
  • Charter Schools: Are They Getting Results?
    The goal of the Charter School movement is to produce better results than traditional public schools. Now that charter schools have been operating for twenty years, how are they faring? The data has proved hard to measure, with both positive and negative results emerging.
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