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  • The Classroom of the Future: How Will it Look in the New Age?
    If you could travel through time, would you be surprised by the schools of the future? Let's look at current trends and consider what the future might hold for classrooms and students.
  • How to Live in the School District You Actually Teach For
    Every educator, be it kindergarten teacher or college professor, is experiencing the housing headache. Prices are skyrocketing, and many struggle to live comfortably and close to school.
  • 3 Emerging Technologies Education Should Be Thankful For in 2015
    Startling and close to miraculous, the evolution of science and technology in the past few decades has marked us all in one way or another. Mankind has traveled a long way to reach a point where everything seems possible – and from many points of view, it is.
  • What's Great about American Education
    The US education system has taken a lot of heat lately (some of it from yours truly). Should we be as strict as South Korea? Should we adopt a loose Finnish style? What are we doing wrong?
  • What's Still Special About Education in England
    Education in America still shares roots with its old colonial master. The system of primary, secondary and higher education is familiar. Yet there are distinct differences between the two nations. Are they only cosmetic or can they indicate reasons the UK system is outperforming the US?
  • What Canada Is Doing Right with Education
    Canada has achieved educational success by recruiting high-level teachers, embracing its diversity and working together while still competing on a provincial level. What tips can the U.S. learn from our flourishing neighbor to the north?
  • How Could the United States Implement European-Style Vocational Education?
    One day, you will have to decide. Which direction will your education take you? Are you on an academic course with an advanced degree and an intellectual career? Or are you better suited for hands-on constructive work? In many European schools, students are asked those questions at an early age.
  • Teaching Respect and Responsibility the Japanese Way
    The janitor in an American school is commonly an object of ridicule and disrespect, but not in Japan. Every student, rich or poor, average or exceptional, is doing the same type of work. Could students in the U.S. learn from the practice of cleaning up after themselves and others?
  • How Ancient Confucianism Can Change Modern American Education
    Confucius believed that even peasants could elevate themselves with education. What could this theory mean for education in the United States?
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