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Educators and parents turn towards Bright Hub Education for content they can trust. The site’s focus on early education through 12th grade provides advertisers with a prime audience of purchasers and influencers in both the educational space and in motivated households. The site’s focus provides a targeted way to reach consumers who regularly make purchasing decisions at home and professionally, for both themselves and their students.

Visitors to the Bright Hub Education site are technically savvy, habitual users of the Internet. They are active commenters and knowledge seekers, routinely interacting with other readers of the site.

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  • Preschool & Early Education
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  • High School
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  • Homeschooling
  • Homework Help
  • Special Education
  • Summer Learning
  • Second Language Acquisition


“Wonderful Tips! It makes two-ways communication easy.”regarding Top Five Classroom Management Strategies by Kellie Hayden
“This is pretty much the best definition on the internet!”regarding Strategies for Unlocking Word Meanings: Using Context Clues by Trent Lorcher
“Thank you for all the great ideas! Can’t wait to use these apps in my classroom this year”regarding The Best Free Apps for Education: Apple iPod by Jonathan Wylie


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