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  • Sit! Strategies for Creating Student Seating Charts
    One of the most vexing problems that some secondary teachers have is trying to remember who their students are and what they did during class while still teaching a full lesson. Fortunately, that's easily solved with student seating charts.
  • How a Teacher Can Deal with Bullying
    The last thing a teacher needs with a new class is a bullying problem. But identifying bullying, and planning an effective plan to beat it can be a challenge.
  • Organize Your Classroom by Making Student Mailboxes
    A normal classroom produces a lot of paper. Here is an idea to keep the papers organized and to save time returning graded work. Classroom organization will save time and keep you sane!
  • The Growing Problem of Junk Food in Schools
    More and more students are facing obesity and diabetes, yet many schools still offer junk food options. Is this wrong? Should schools be forced to remove junk food machines and other unhealthy food choices?
  • Students Talking too Much? Tips For a Quiet Classroom
    Talkative classes are a problem confronted by many school teachers. So many tactics end up seeming inadequate. Learn how handling the problem of students who are talking too much will help you have a quiet classroom.
  • Ready, Set, Start Class! Effective Classroom Management Tips for Teachers
    Starting each class successfully can be challenging for any teacher, but especially when dealing with class changes and students hurriedly pausing conversations and finding their seats. One way to tackle this challenge is the use of motivational devices such as bell ringer activities.
  • Top Five Classroom Management Strategies – They Really Work
    Are students disrupting the learning environment in your classroom? Do you need help with classroom management? To help keep your sanity and to create a peaceful environment, here are five strategies that do not involve yelling and screaming.
  • Tips for a Successful Middle School Open House
    An open house can be counted a success when parents, teachers and students walk away smiling. However, there are many pitfalls in staging an open house. Here are some tips to avoid the typical problems and to create a great experience for all.
  • Tips to Monitor a Student Who is being Harassed or Bullied at School
    Many students are harassed or bullied at school. The student may be very fearful about their safety while on the school ground. Tips to help students who are being bullied and to monitor their safety after a bullying incident.
  • Use Classroom Themes to Capture Students' Attention
    The quickest way to capture a student's attention is to present them with interesting visuals. Creative teaching themes have long been used as strategy for classrooms. However, often educators run out of fresh classroom theme ideas. Here are tips for the entire school year for any grade.
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