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  • When Indifference Derails Competency: Stand Strong against Crazy Jill Syndrome!
    As a teacher, you may know your material thoroughly, but that will not help you when it comes to classroom management unless you're willing to learn some new tricks. Don't be like Crazy Jill and blame your class for your failure to maintain control!
  • Why Fear Tactics Never Work on Problematic Children
    Have you ever held up your fist and told a student, “fear this, punk!” I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to keep your job, just wondering. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just scare students into submission? Even if it were possible to instill fear into your students, would it make them behave?
  • Winning the Tardy Battle: Creating a System that Gets Students to Class on Time
    It can be tempting to ignore the problem of late students. After all, aren’t we always told to choose our battles wisely? However, if you fail to fight this behavior, it will escalate until few of your students make it on time. Fortunately there are some strategies that can overcome this behavior.
  • 11 Powertips for Classroom Management
    Even the best teachers can use a little extra help managing their classroom every now and then. Here is a round-up of what I consider my most powerful tips in keeping your class under control and creating a clam learning environment.
  • Hitting the “Reset” Button on Classroom Management
    The first few days of school are exciting as a teacher gets to know his or her class and establishes routines and procedures. As the year progresses however, students come and go and routines become forgotten or dismissed. It can help to "reset" your classroom in order to firmly establish rules.
  • Increase your Influence with your Students: Part 2
    Do you want to have a well-run classroom where students pay attention and actually learn? The secret is being an effective leader. Learn some steps to increase your influence with your students.
  • Increase your Influence with your Students: Part 1
    Have you lost control of your classroom? Or perhaps you never had control in the first place? This article provides strategies that will work for anyone. Gain back control of your classroom by leading your students, not managing!
  • Power Vs. Authority in the Classroom
    How often should you call in for back-up when you have misbehaving students? Do it too often, and it will quickly lose it's significance for your class. Gain authority with your students by engaging in classroom management tactics that work.
  • Increasing Participation and Rewarding Students Without Going Broke
    Have you ever bought candy with your hard earned cash, just to give it away to your students in an effort to reward and/or motivate them? This is an expensive way to capture your student's attention. Instead, try some low-cost and highly effective methods.
  • Conflict Resolution in Your Classroom
    Rather than stand by and watch our students argue over petty issues, teachers can train their students in the skill of conflict resolution by modeling it to them. Using everyday issues students learn by informing their teacher, who lets the class listen in as she helps their peers find solutions.
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