Andrea Campbell

Are Snakes Shifty or Maligned?

By all account’s snakes are shy, nervous and fast. There are more than 3,500 species and twenty percent of the snakes of the world are dangerous to humans. And the thought of snakes scares Americans the most too, beating out public speaking, fear of heights, thunder and lighting, and the dark.    Ophidiophobia (pronounced: AW-fi-dee-a-foe-bee-a from the Greek) is a specific phobia, an abnormal fear of snakes (also referred to …

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What Are the Elgin Marbles?

To find out what the Elgin Marbles are we have to first examine ancient history.  The ‘cradle of the western world’ is a saying used to describe Ancient Greece.  For thousands of years many of the things we do and say today have its origins back to Greek law, art, literature, and political thought.  In architecture, for example, many major cities today have a building that is due in large …

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Beaver Wars: The Virtues of the Animal North Americans Fought for Centuries

Beavers are often called, “Animals of mass destruction.”  Can that be?  They are cute and furry, why all the fuss?  North Americans have had a love-hate relationship with beavers for centuries.  Humans love the beaver’s fur, yet they hate the destruction beavers do to the environment.  Although today, that sentiment is changing.  Let’s look at who the beavers are and …

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Norman Rockwell’s Legacy

Norman Rockwell documented American life not with a camera or a pen but with illustrations that we all wished we could do as well.  He created illustrations using models, but his models were from his hometown—they weren’t always pretty but they always had character.  In fact, he was a character and should he be called upon to describe himself, he would say as he has said before, …

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Interesting Facts About Oysters

They live in a shell that they mostly create themselves and they are not pretty. These sea animals are kind of solitary and one might say, lazy, but they are one of the most important environmental creatures for any gulf, bay or close-knit waters. It’s the oyster.

Who Was Marchesa Luisa Casati?

It is said that her image has been reproduced so many times that Casati is just as recognizable as Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and Cleopatra. You may have seen her depictions and not known it. who was this woman and how did she come to hold such a place in history? Why is she not better known?

What Does the Hormone Melatonin Do?

Insufficient sleep plagues over half the global population and 76 percent of Americans have difficulties getting the Zs they need. A hormone named melatonin might factor in as a remedy no matter what your problem. Let’s look at what’s involved with sleep and the key problems with disturbed sleep.