Lila S. Kallstrom

How to Make Name Tags – Teacher Creatures

Looking for an engaging design lesson to use in your science, social, math, or art lesson? This creature creation will allow students to design a creature name tag from words they will be exposed to throughout your lesson or your classroom while learning to be creative, have fun and produce art.

Finding the Derivative of a Function in Calculus

The derivative can be described as the slope, and the limit of a function. The derivative is a function that can be solved. Students can easily solve derivative problems if they know the theory, the rules that apply to solving it and see several examples of finding the derivative in Calculus.

Collages: Ideas For Short Art Lessons

These ideas for short art lessons are for creating simple and easy collages in unique ways. Students will enjoy creating a large extended picture out of a small magazine picture. Other collage ideas are given for students to try which can be simple or complex. Fun and creativity are easily mixed.

Art Thematic Unit Plan

This art thematic unit plan has an introductory lesson on perspective drawing using 1 vanishing point. Students will enjoy practicing the concept in a practice lesson using their initials and when drawing a bedroom scene. Students will then design a realistic street scape using 2 vanishing points.

A Detailed Lesson on How to Draw Human Faces

These drawing lesson plans teach how to draw human faces using the right proportions. 7th graders use hands on activities to find the relationships of the eye in face drawing. Students will be amazed at how their pencil drawings of people are made easy with these guidelines and techniques.

Symmetry and Colorful Art

This colorful art project involves acrylic paint, paper and symmetry. It is fast, easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of special skills. Any grade level will enjoy discovering the creatures they can create!