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  • The Real First Thanksgiving
    You have heard the sanitized version of the first Thanksgiving where the Indians and Pilgrims celebrated a joyous feast, but there is more. In fact, the real buried and hidden history is much more interesting.
  • Sarah Winchester: Her Psychic Guilt Built a House
    Sarah bought an unremarkable five-room wooden farmhouse four miles outside of San Jose. Something compelled her to invest, and she paid $12,750 in gold coin for land with an unfinished cottage sitting on it. Who would envision it would become her mystery house and self-generated prison?
  • The Hope Diamond: Mystery and Shining Bad Luck?
    The Hope Diamond seems to have brought forth many things, but hope wasn’t one of them. It was an eerie omen to ill health, family disaster and evil history. Learn more about this mysterious gemstone.
  • Kahlo: Self-portrait of a Dramatic Life
    Painting not only helped Frida Kahlo (rhymes with hallow) get through difficult times, it also gave her unprecedented opportunity. She became one of the best and most recognizable Mexican artists of the twentieth century. Even today, she is a cult figure in a movement called “Fridolatry."
  • What's the Point? The Iconic Art and Life of Georges Seurat
    An art critic's unfavorable comment coined the name of the art style that became known as impressionism. Learn about post-Impressionist artist Georges Seurat and his unique painting method.
  • Thousands of Life-size Clay Soldiers & Horses: The Terra Cotta Warriors
    Thousands of life-size clay soldiers and horses stand guard over Emperor Qin Shi Huang's tomb near the city of Xiân, China. Considered one of the greatest archeological discoveries of modern times, the characters of the “Terra Cotta Army" were ghosts of a different kind.
  • Rubik's Cube: Puzzle Extraordinaire
    This toy spawned contests of both speed and intelligence. Yes, a simple-looking cube dressed in primary-colored tiles was all the rage in the early 1980’s—everyone had to have one—the Rubik’s Cube. Learn more about this pop-culture phenomenon.
  • The Legend of Nessie
    Is the Loch Ness Monster real or simply an age-old urban legend? Learn about sightings, scientific investigations and other details on the legendary Nessie and decide for yourself.
  • From Fashion to Kevlar: Stephanie Kwolek
    Stephanie Kwolek had several ambitions. She loved sewing and had the patience and skills to be a famous fashion designer. Later, she became determined to save lives as a doctor. The war came and went and Stephanie did save lives but as the result of her being a chemist—and the creator of Kevlar.
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