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Preschool Camp Themes for Happy Campers: Three Ideas

written by: Cheryl Gabbert • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 3/2/2012

From popular camp foods to summertime themes, teachers are sure to peak a preschooler's interest in the following theme ideas!

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    How fast the summer flies by! Although these camp themes are perfect for those wonderful summer months, they can be enjoyed throughout the year. Heat up the classroom with these camp themes for preschool. Themes should be associated with summertime or some of the highlights of summer camp. Think about some of the best things about a child's summer camp: stories around a bonfire, s'mores, roasted hot dogs, sunshine-filled days, and starry, firefly speckled nights, to name a few. These theme concepts are all about fun. Fun is a requirement for early learning, and summer camp themes should reflect the fun-filled days at camp.

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    Food Related Themes

    Some of our favorite camp foods can actually be a source for a good thematic unit. Preschoolers are certain to experience some of these fun treats, and will be happy to learn more about them. Why not plan a theme based on fun camp foods, such as s'mores, roasted hot dogs, and pigs in a blanket? Some other great camp food themes could include popcorn, roasted marshmallows, and hamburgers and hot dogs.

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    Summertime Fun Themes

    Themes revolving around summertime fun are perfect. Your units could include themes involving swimming, boats, or bubbles and hopscotch. Butterflies and dragonflies are also great, since these little critters are so common on most campgrounds. Young children learn so much more when they relate to the subject in some way. If you really want to capture the attention of little campers, try a theme related to favorite summer toys, such as bicycles, balls, or sidewalk chalk.

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    Nature Themes

    The great thing about most summer campgrounds, is that they are right in the middle of the big outdoors. Your preschoolers will be surrounded by natural beauty. Why not try a forest theme? You could break down a forest theme into mini-units about bugs, forest animals, and trees. There will be plenty of opportunities at camp to explore nature allowing for many other theme ideas.

    Little campers are sure to enjoy their time at summer camp with themes that are interesting by relating to the camp setting. If you are planning to work with preschoolers at summer camp, try some of these themes. You are sure to spark their interest, and learning is bound to take place.