Preschool Lesson Plans, Worksheets & Themes for Year-Round Learning

Find hundreds of creative and hands-on preschool lesson plans written and edited by preschool teachers, education professionals and parents of preschoolers. You’ll find a variety of themes for the classroom and bulletin board, plus everything you need to teach a wide variety of lessons to your children, from colors to shapes, to nature and science, to letters, numbers, words and much, much more. You’ll keep your students engaged and excited for learning the whole school year long, whether fall, winter, spring, or summer too.

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  • A Preschool Sorting Activity With Easter Candy
    Edible lessons are always favorites with young children. Use some yummy Easter candy to practice sorting and counting in this fun lesson.
  • Dressing for Spring Weather: Preschool Activities
    Spring is known for its abrupt weather changes, so why not make the best of it and teach a lesson about dressing for the different types of spring weather? Weather preschool lessons like this one can be used with many different thematic units, like rain, sunny days, or springtime.
  • It's Spring! A Lesson Plan for Preschool
    When preschoolers think about spring, they probably think about the various parts of spring they can see. This preschool lesson plan for spring encourages preschoolers to focus on their other senses as well, and to think about the things they can hear, smell, taste, and feel in the springtime.
  • 5 Ideas You Can Use for Your Preschool Spring Unit or Theme
    As preschoolers see the world around them begin to change with each season, it's important to help them understand the changes they are noticing. This preschool spring unit will help them do just that, giving them hands-on activities that help them explore the various aspects of spring.
  • The First Thanksgiving: A Preschool Lesson Using Books and Activities
    Many preschoolers think of Thanksgiving just as a day to eat turkey and visit with family. With the help of two great picture books, your preschool students will learn about the reasons we celebrate this November holiday. One is more historical in content; the other is a picture book more for fun.
  • Counting On Pumpkin Seeds: A Preschool Math Lesson
    When you clean out your pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern, don't throw away the seeds! With a little preparation, they make great math counters. Use this fun pumpkin seed math lesson as a part of pumpkin or plant unit.
  • A Guide to Creative Preschool September Themes
    September is a busy month of getting to know your new students who are probably very eager young learners. Creating themes in your classroom is an excellent way to engage these students and provide them with a sensory rich learning experience.
  • Five Days of Back to School Activities for Preschool
    Preschoolers’ loves to role play about school activities, such as: role playing a teacher, the school bus driver, writing with pencils, carrying back packs and lunch boxes. Get students excited about learning this year with these back to school activities.
  • Teaching Preschool Children About St. Patricks Day
    Are you ready to share St. Patrick's Day with your preschoolers? I hope so! There are so many ways to build a unit around this holiday, but first you'll need the facts. The following facts are just what you need to know before the big day.
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