Preschool Lesson Plans, Worksheets & Themes for Year-Round Learning

Find hundreds of creative and hands-on preschool lesson plans written and edited by preschool teachers, education professionals and parents of preschoolers. You’ll find a variety of themes for the classroom and bulletin board, plus everything you need to teach a wide variety of lessons to your children, from colors to shapes, to nature and science, to letters, numbers, words and much, much more. You’ll keep your students engaged and excited for learning the whole school year long, whether fall, winter, spring, or summer too.

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  • A Pre-K Summer Fun Packet with Printable
    Educational learning activities for preschoolers don't have to be boring; they can be fun and interactive projects that make learning fun. Try these easy but effective to help your children make a smooth transition into kindergarten by keeping their skills sharp during the summer break.
  • Fourth of July Preschool Lesson Plan
    This Fourth of July lesson plan includes language literacy, math, a snack idea, craft and July 4th stories that help teach the meaning of Independence Day to preschoolers.
  • Summer Theme Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas
    As summer approaches, it is fun to design your preschool bulletin boards to match the season. Try these educational ideas to complement a summer theme and decorate your classroom while reviewing counting, shapes and maps with your preschool children.
  • Preschool Summer Clothes Activities
    What should you wear on a hot, sunny day? A hat? A jacket? Boots? Maybe a swimsuit? These activities on summer clothes for preschool are fun ways for children to learn about dressing for summer.
  • Summer Theme Ideas for Your Preschool Class
    Learning about the seasons is an important part of preschool. Using these ideas for a preschool theme will help you teach your students about the weather and activities associated with this time of year.
  • Preschool Father's Day Theme and Gift
    With this preschool theme, students will learn about family, make crafts for gifts and celebrate Father's Day through interactive games and play.
  • Cross-Curriculum Memorial Day Activities for Preschool
    Honor the American service men and women who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces. This preschool Memorial Day theme offers ideas for teaching about this holiday across the curriculum, including social studies, reading, art and more... even snack time!
  • Mary, Mary Quite Contrary: Preschool Lesson Plan for Spring Math Fun
    Why not celebrate spring with a flower unit? Looking for some Mary, Mary Quite Contrary preschool lesson plan ideas for math? This activity works well in a math center and borrows Mary's colorful collection of flowers to teach patterning, matching, counting and more!
  • Jesus Walks on Water: A Spring Bible Lesson for Preschoolers
    Teaching preschoolers about one of Jesus' miracles is easy with this spring Bible lesson. The concept of Jesus walking on water is easily illustrated using water play and toy figures. Try this interactive lesson in your classroom, homeschool environment or as a fun family project.
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