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Back to School Bulletin Board to Welcome Your Toddler Class

written by: DeeBishop • edited by: Jonathan Wylie • updated: 8/2/2012

Learn to create simple back to school bulletin boards for toddlers. Samples include an idea using personalized school buses and colorful flowers to make your toddler class feel welcome.

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    As a toddler teacher, you’ll want to make your classroom fun and educational, adding interest and color everywhere you can while making the children feel welcome and comfortable. One way to achieve these goals is with back to school bulletin boards for toddlers. Samples and ideas abound to help you create a bulletin board that your kids will enjoy and that will be fun to make as well.

    These detailed bulletin board instructions provide an idea that includes a bus for each child with his or her name written on it, placed on a background of sky, grass and flowers. Children can participate to make it more fun and memorable, or you can complete the board yourself before they arrive.

    If you choose to allow children to help, don’t feel as if the entire board must be completed at one time. Toddlers have a short attention span so it’s perfectly acceptable to allow several days to complete this project if the children take part. It will make the board more personal for them and attract the attention of the parents as well.

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    Items Needed

    • Solid blue and green background paper to cover full width and half of height of bulletin board
    • Yellow sun
    • Yellow bus, one for each child
    • Flower coloring page, one for each child
    • Six birds
    • Letters for title, "Welcome Friends!"
    • Stapler and staples to attach materials to bulletin board
    • Black marker
    • Crayons
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    Cover top half of bulletin board with blue paper for sky.

    Cut green paper to make sloped "hills." Cover bottom half of the bulletin board with green paper for grass, overlapping sky slightly.

    Cut title from black or print in large black Arial font. Attach to center top of bulletin board.

    Print one large sun from yellow paper and cut out. Attach to top left corner of bulletin board.

    Print one yellow bus for each child. Buses can be sized to fit two or three to a page if space is limited, or class is large. Write a child’s name on each bus with black marker.

    Staple buses on bulletin board as desired. Print one flower coloring page for each child. Have children color the pages. Cut out and staple around bottom of board.

    Print three of each bird from blue paper, or print on white and color. Cut out and staple to top of bulletin board.

    Print three birds from coloring page one and three birds from coloring page two onto bright blue paper, or print on white paper and color. Cut out and staple to top of bulletin board.

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    To interest preschoolers and welcome them to your classroom, use back to school bulletin boards for toddlers. Samples can be as simple or as elaborate as you, the teacher, chooses. Allowing children to take part, not only creates a learning environment, but allows your kids to develop their fine motor skills, coloring abilities, and see work they have helped to create. Those are always worthy accomplishments for any group of children.