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Find hundreds of free lesson plans for fun, hands-on, creative learning in your pre-kindergarten or kindergarten classroom. Experienced teachers and education professionals share their favorite ways to teach their young students new concepts, including circle time and group activities, craft projects, seasonal and thematic units, and more.

 Most lesson plans come with step-by-step instructions on how to pull together the materials and present the activities to students in a way that is sure to engage their young minds as they discover and explore new topics and subjects. You are sure to find some fun and unique ideas for teaching socialization, vocabulary, reading, writing, early math, science and much, much more. And, many of the activities may also indicate that they work equally well for first or second grade, depending on the unit you are studying and the pace of your class. Have a question? Post it in the comments section, and start a conversation with other elementary education teachers who regularly visit Bright Hub Education.

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  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with Stories of Traditions and Celebrations
    It’s Thanksgiving again! Time to get your favorite holiday stories out of the closet and look for some new ones at the library or your favorite bookstore. As you read these stories, take time to discuss and understand why we celebrate again and again.
  • Steven Kellogg: An Author and Illustrator Study
    As you present literature to your class, always include Steven Kellogg. This author has written and/or illustrated over 100 books for children. From a young age, Kellogg loved picture books and the illustrations in many classic stories. His destiny was to make drawing the center of his career.
  • Three Back to School Songs & Activities
    Music helps the transition from summer to school days. Sing and act out these fun songs to get your preschool or kindergarten class excited about being in school. The children will relate to the music and fun activities that enhance the songs.
  • A House of Leaves by Kiyoshi Soya: A Tale of Rain and Insect Friends
    This cross curricular preschool lesson plan is based on the book "A House of Leaves" in which a young girl learns how bugs find shelter during a summer shower.
  • Bugs Galore by Peter Stein: Outdoor Creatures Kids Love
    Summer is the perfect time for children to look at the little creatures that creep and crawl around yards, playgrounds and parks. Turn your students into excited young entomologists with this motivating array of insect activities. They will be “buzzing” with excitement as they engage in these curric
  • Whose Baby? by Masayuki Yabuuchi: Wild Animals and Their Babies
    Many teachers primarily focus on zoo animals, farm animals and pets at home, but what about the animals in the wild? This beautifully illustrated nature study book shows pictures of baby animals along with their parents and proper names.
  • George and Martha One Fine Day: Tales of Caring Friends
    In the book, George and Martha One Fine Day by James Marshall, five brief stories are presented. Each story has a moral that is cleverly exposed to the listening children. As you read each section, it opens a classroom discussion about friendship and how to treat each other kindly and respectfully.
  • How Cows Make Milk: “The Milk Makers” by Gail Gibbons
    Fresh and cold, from a carton or bottle, milk is one of nature’s most nutritious foods. Here is a story describing milk from the cow to the carton.
  • Fun with Newspapers in the Preschool Classroom
    Newspapers can be valuable teaching tools, even in early childhood classrooms. Learn some creative ways to introduce newspapers to your preschool students.
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