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  • History Lesson Plan on Food Typically Eaten by the Pioneers
    This history lesson plan explores the various foods that were eaten by those who lived in the pioneer world. History students will enjoy learning about the diets of their ancestors! Add this lesson plan and its attached worksheet to your history curriculum!
  • Maintain Student Interest when Teaching Human Evolution
    The various genus and species associated with the theory of human evolution. It contains a completed reference worksheet for the teacher, as well as a blank one for students to complete. Definitions, important dates, places, and people are included.
  • In the Beginning: An Early Civilizations Lesson Plan
    Where did civilization begin? The four earliest known civilizations developed in fertile river valleys which explains some of the where and why of the beginning of civilization.
  • Making History Come Alive with Roles and Reenactment
    Teaching American history lesson plans by utilizing "Living History" and role-play creates an environment where the students become part of the history. When students reenact history, they are better able to understand, thereby, learning more.
  • Breaking News! Frustrated Mexican Workers Revolt
    In a world of twenty-four hour news why not employ this reporting technique to study history? It’s an entertaining and engaging way to learn. Here is all the information that you will need.
  • Teach About the Decline of the Roman Empire
    Why did Rome fall? Many historians believe answering this question is central to understanding world history. Imperial Rome spread wide and far, but was eventually destroyed by factors from within and without.
  • History of Early Man: Thawing Out Some Early Man Leftovers
    History is often a subject with which students feel distanced. Early man, prehistory and evolution are topics that can compound this sense of detachment merely because they deal with a time so far removed from our own. This article offers a lesson plan using recent data to help bridge the gap.
  • Teaching Creepy but Fascinating Mummy Facts in this Lesson Plan
    A lesson plan about mummies of Ancient Egypt, looking at the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification and why it started in the first place. It is perfect for any time of year, but makes a great Halloween lesson plan.
  • Written in Stone: Native Pictograph Student Project
    The Native American Indian pictorial language literally refers to communications made using pictures. Native American pictographs have been found throughout the Americas. Not to be confused with hieroglyphics that represent sound, pictographs represent the actual thing: a bird is a bird.
  • The Americas' Native Peoples: Five Learning Activities for Middle School
    From the barren ice flows of the Arctic to the southernmost tip of Argentina, Native Americans provide a wealth of history, culture and mythology through which students discover the roots of the Americas.
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