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Enriching the Laura Numeroff Author Study

written by: Susan Carter • edited by: Trent Lorcher • updated: 2/14/2012

Tips and plans to extend and enrich an author study of Laura Numeroff.

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    Enriching an Author Study for Advanced Learners

    Laura Numeroff Lesson Plans help young readers of at all levels.

    Assign students to read a book by Laura Numeroff that the class did not share. Have students give an oral or written report comparing and contrasting the book they read with the previously explored books. What is the relationship between the stories? What can we learn about writing that we didn’t see in other examples?

    Have students write a quiz about a Laura Numeroff book and give it to their classmates. They will love to score it and return it to their classmates!

    Allow student access to the Laura Numeroff website. In partners, small groups or as a whole class read, explore and discuss information contained on the website.

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    English Language Learners

    Laura Numeroff Lesson Plans can be tailored for English Language Learners. Here are some suggestions:

    Provide books on tape or CD for students who do not have English as a first language. They may need some additional time with the text to understand the vocabulary and the storyline. Laura Numeroff's books have great illustrations. Give students time to look at the book and enjoy the pictures. Allow students to take the books and tapes home to explore in depth. Allow them to explore the Laura Numeroff website to better understand the author.

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    Struggling Learners/IEPs

    Laura Numeroff Lesson Plans can help you help struggling students:

    Provide books on tape or CD for struggling readers. Provide opportunities for students to draw and label a poster about Laura Numeroff in lieu of the written report. You could allow them to tell a story orally or draw a picture that demonstrates understanding. Assigning a peer buddy for writing can be a fun experience for both children.

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    Whole Class Extensions

    Allow students to read and explore books by Laura Numeroff during center time or reading time. If you can get multiple copies of any of her books, allow students to read the book with a partner. Create a class book using If You Give A … as a model.

    For example, If You Give A Kindergartener A… _______ , she will probably want some ______(fill in the blanks) to go with it. Each child creates their own page, and the teacher staples the book together to place it in the classroom library for others to read and enjoy.

Laura Numeroff Author Study

This three part series outlines an author study of Laura Numeroff. Lesson plans for writing, reading, enrichment, remediation and English language learners included.
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