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  • Foundations of Cognitive Development in Infants
    Research has identified specific areas of cognitive development that support infants’ interaction with their environment through sensorimotor processes and their natural curiosity to learn about how the world works around them.
  • Activities that Promote Baby’s Brain Development during First Year of Life
    Activities that are fun, simple, meaningful and developmentally appropriate can nurture brain development in all developmental areas. Read on to see research-based activities that have been proven to nurture the brain and help baby grow.
  • Baby's First Quiz...How Much Do You Know About Infant Development
    Have you ever wondered if your baby is developing along the same time table as other babies? After taking this quiz you will know what you should expect of your little bundle of joy.
  • Cooing to Communication: Speech Development in Young Children
    In just a few short years, cooing and babbling infants become preschoolers with large vocabularies and the ability to speak clearly and intelligently on a number of different topics. How does all this happen? What kinds of activities can help facilitate these developments? Read on for ideas!
  • Six Months of Milestones: A Collection of Articles About Infant Development
    The first six months of a baby's life are vital in terms of motor skill development, vision and communication. While each child develops at his or her own pace, there are some milestones that most reach during this time. Learn more about your baby's development with this collection of articles.
  • From Baby Seat to Booster Seat: When Is the Right Time to Switch?
    Learn important rules and recommendations about child booster seat safety guidelines before moving a young child out of their infant or convertible car seat. When will they be ready for the "big move"?
  • Development in Children Born Prematurely: Are There Delays?
    When a child is born before 37 weeks of gestation, she is considered a premature infant, or “preemie." Since the child was born before full gestation, her nervous system and muscles are not fully developed. As a result, some premature children can have developmental delays.
  • Infant and Toddler Nutrition: For Caretakers and Educators
    Good nutrition during infancy and toddlerhood is vital to healthy brain development and physical growth. The information provided here is useful for caretakers and educators on nutrition in the daycare or preschool setting.
  • Creative Interaction With Your 8-Month-Old Child
    When your baby is less than a year old, the toys and games they play will help them with their development. Learning which games will help your baby along the right path is every parent's wish. Here are some great suggestions to get your little one on his or her journey.
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